Looking For Information on Move-ins/Move-outs: Minneapolis & Salt Lake?

Move-ins/move-outs for tenants can be very stressful.  Finding a new rental property is stressful enough!  Then, coordinating all the details or move-out procedures, schedules and all the details can seem impossible.  Our procedures for Move-ins/move-outs should help to ease some of this stress!  Our goal is to help make your experience with Move-ins/move-outs be simple and straight forward.

Our website should provide you with all the necessary information for Move-ins/move-outs.  If you are moving in, then you will need to know how to sign your lease, when and where you can pick up keys to your new rental home!  You can also find useful information regarding filling out your move-in report.  You may also need to know your responsibility for changing over utilities into your name.

When you are ready to move-out, it’s important to make sure you understand all of the details.  You may be wondering how you will turn in your keys.  You may also wonder if someone is going to meet you at the property for a move-out inspection.  All of our move-out steps are clearly outlined here for your convenience.  When it comes to moving out, there’s always a question about what you are responsible for when it comes to the property condition.  Our staff is always there to help you understand and clarify the details.  Our goal is to help make your experience for Move-ins/Move-outs to be as smooth as possible!

Move-in Details

  • Property Manager will schedule a move-in appointment at our office with the tenant.
  • First month’s rent and/or pro-rated rents are due at time of move-in appointment.
  • Tenant will be provided with a move-in condition report at time of move-in.
  • Tenant will have 48 hours after move-in to return the completed move-in report to our office.
  • If tenant identifies any issue with the property condition (example: cleaning) tenant must notify Property Manager immediately and report the issue.  If tenants choose to resolve the issue on their own, RTL is not responsible to rectify the issue and the issue will be marked as resolved.
  • All required utilities must be changed over into tenant’s name within 72 of move-in or a minimum $50.00 lease violation will be applied to tenant’s account.

Move-out Details

  • 60 day written notice to vacate required, two full months prior to lease end date.
  • Tenant must schedule a move-out appointment with their Property Manager at least 24 hours prior to move-out.
  • Move-out appointments (including keys and tenant’s forwarding address) are to occur at our office no later than 12:00PM on the last day of the lease.
  • Tenants are responsible to return the property in the following condition
    • Overall property should be returned to its original condition.
    • Interior should be in “Hotel Clean” condition
    • Carpets are to be professionally cleaned and a receipt provided.
    • Click here to view a detailed list of property condition expectations for move-out.
  • Tenant’s security deposit will be returned as per MN statute, within 21 days of move-out.
  • Tenant’s security deposit is applied toward charges in the following order
    • Property damage above/beyond normal wear and tear
    • Interior cleaning/Carpet cleaning
    • Outstanding tenant balance (if applicable)
    • Any remaining balance owed is the responsibility of the tenant and is to be paid within 30 days of tenant receiving statement of security deposit liquidation.  Unpaid balances after 30 days will be submitted to collections.