Are You Tired of Failed Rental Property Marketing Techniques?

Try Our Proven Rental Property Marketing Techniques

Are rental property marketing techniques difficult to keep up with?  It’s a fairly common question asked by potential clients; ‘what forms of rental property marketing techniques do you use?’  We know that other management companies in Minneapolis will promise you to advertise on 250+ websites.  But, if you ask them for a list, you won’t get it!  Yes, it’s true that the internet is the only advertising vehicle that counts in today’s market.  But the real question is ‘how do you use the internet as a marketing tool?’  Most companies can attract tenant leads through internet marketing.  But, do they track each lead from the beginning?  And do they know how each lead ends up?  Do they know WHY their leads are not ending up as a leased property?  Bottom line, if you don’t track your results, you can’t measure your success!

We take a strategic approach to rental property marketing techniques.  Thats why our property advertising is managed through our own office.  Whether your rental property in Minneapolis.   We have proven rental property marketing techniques that work!  Because all advertising efforts are managed through our office, we have control over how your property is marketed. As well, we track each tenant lead that comes in.  We know where they saw your listing.  We also record incoming calls.  And we note the status and progress of each lead.  Also, our staff meets on a weekly basis to review our listings and analyze our marketing data.

Measuring the results of rental property marketing techniques is important!  Our rental property marketing techniques allow us to capture valuable data and partner with you, the owner.  We work with you to make better marketing decisions thanks to our rental property marketing techniques. These are based on facts rather than opinion!  We also provide you feedback after every showing.  If we start to see common themes, then we will work with you to take action!


Attend Complimentary On-Site Property Evaluation

  • Meet owner at the property
  • Provide feedback on potential ‘tenant deterrents’
  • Identify any safety concerns or maintenance issues
  • Present market analysis of rental rates
  • Agree on marketing approtach and timing

Create Property Listing & Custom Video Tour

  • Take marketing photos of the property
  • Record HD video tour (embedded on all possible listing sites)
  • Write Listing description (including amenities/lease terms)
  • Document lease terms/property amenities

Manage Advertising Campaigns & Lead Results

  • List the property on free local/national websites
  • List the property on paid local/national websites
  • Place a yard sign at the property (where allowed/appropriate)
  • Capture & document lead traffic Analyze lead traffic and partner with owner to adjust approach (as needed)

Perform Property Showings In-Person

  • Pre-qualify prospective tenant prior to setting up a showing
  • Execute property showings in-person exclusively by our staff
  • Notify owner or current tenant prior to showing (if owner/tenant occupied)
  • Prospective tenant can complete an application at showing
  • Provide feedback to owner after each showing